HIV/AIDS has no Cure

13 07 2009

Today was our first working day at the Child Development Center, a primary school in Kilifi, which is about 45 minutes away from our hotel in Mombasa, Kenya.


We are trying to accomplish two main goals by the end of our three-week volunteer program: construct a dining hall, kitchen and storeroom (that’s one goal) and teach a few classes that are not offered in the student’s primary education cirriculum (like art and first aid).

I was deeply moved by a student’s response to the first assignment I distributed in class.

To get to know the students a little better (and get a feel for their artistic abilities), I asked each one of them to complete the following sentence “When I grow up I want to be a…” followed by a quick sketch of themselves.  Doctors, pilots, teachers and drivers were amongst the most common career choices. 

This is one student’s elaborated response on her career choice:

“When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor, so that I can come and help other people in treatement when they are in troubles.  Or maybe they are sick some suffer from malaria, cholora and HIV/AIDS.  By the way, I will just be helping them with HIV drugs for some days, but HIV/AIDS has no cure.”




3 responses

15 07 2009


We even asked them the same thing when we were there..their answers were just full of ambition.
We asked a 5 year old what he wanted to be when he grew up…bas they asked him in swahili cuz he didnt know english…he replied saying he wants to be a “muzungo” when he grows up which means “a foreigner” in english lol

15 07 2009
project kenya 2011

Memeni Mozongo lakini fahamo! I’m fluent baby :)
We went to the Bangladish slum today… did you go there? Amazing… Pascal walked us through the houses until we got to the end of the slum… it was the most amazing view of Mombasa. Oh… and I met Becky and Cynthia and Susan… they love me, but only because I’m your cousin :) I love you…

19 07 2009

hahaha “im a foreigner but i do understand!” smthn like that right :p hahaha gjob ;)

no we didnt go there! wow…seems intense…im glad u got to see it…

pascaaaaaal! haha 3ajeeb…susan fa9la 9a7? plz say hii to her!!!

haha nooo they love u because ur truly amazing :)

please tell every1 i say helloo!!

love you…ya36eekom alf 3afya :)

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