A Day in the Slums of Mombasa

15 07 2009

Today we visited the slums of Bangladesh, Mombasa.  We played with the children and kept them occupied as the adults got tested for HIV/AIDS. 


Our friend Jose took us on a tour through the narrow streets of the slum.  We were told that we would find a breathtaking suprise at the end of our tour.


We came across this… A little boy taking a bath outside of his home with just a bucket of water and a sponge in his hand.  He obviously didn’t mind me taking a picture.


We reached the end of our tour and were taken aback by the most beautiful view of the island of Mombasa, right from the slums of Bangladesh.



I absolutely love Kenya.




4 responses

19 07 2009

I love kenya toooo!!! im so happy that u do…and im SO proud of u!

22 07 2009

these pictures are truly beautiful..and these experiences, priceless..

thankyou for opening a little window for us to share it with you ..its looks and sounds amazing, really does.

god bless you.

3 08 2009

I havent been there but the pics looks really beautiful.. God Bless you…

btw are you standing in the last pic with the kids?

26 08 2009

ya36eech alf 3afya

this is amazing!

u must be so proud of urself

and i truly believe ur on the path of greatness :)

oo imbarak 3alaich elshahar

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