About Project Kenya 2011

Project Kenya 2011 is my MFA thesis project at Purdue University.  

Using my Interior Design education and practical experience, I plan to develop a comprehensive proposal to build a cost-effective and efficient learning environment in an impoverished part of The Republic of Kenya. My proposal will include site analysis, complete construction documents, material and finish selection, as well as the management of the development of a K-12 school.  I plan to utilize local resources in an effort to revitalize the economic and social infrastructure of the community.  

This blog will document my research process and the development of my final project.


8 responses

8 05 2009
Lubna Saif Abbas

Dala, Great initiative and project. In my last posting I was heavily involved in a Construction Development Project in Kenya and established some key contacts there. If you need anything from the Kenyan side, let me know and will dig those folks out for you.

10 05 2009
Abdulhafeth Al-Mujaibel

Masha’Allah. Sounds like a great project. Keep me updated.

11 05 2009
project kenya 2011

Thanks Abdulhafeth! I will definitely keep you updated!

11 05 2009
project kenya 2011

Thanks Lubna… I will let you know.

16 05 2009
Sara AlAnsari

Dala, I’m so proud of u. I cannot wait to see the outcome of this. I support u 100% and love you so much. Gluck Gluck Gluck. Be the change you want to see in the world xx

16 05 2009
project kenya 2011

Preach it sister! Lol… Look, I’m going to be going again in the summer of 2010 for my own research. I’m going with a big crew… so we gotta find you a position. You can be the big ball of love… ok? Muah cuz :*

13 07 2009

LOL deal!
i am up so up for it!
Love you cuz :*

10 03 2011
sean cassin

I am coming to Mombasa in July to begin designing a strategic plan to help injecting drug users in Bangla. Have you a colleague who might volunteer to do the research accompaniement for our planning?

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