Summer Reading…

12 06 2009

I’m looking for a really good book to read during my summer vacation.

Angels and Deamons

I remember reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown when I was in Rome in the summer of 2005, studying design.  It’s not the best book, by any means, but it was extremely creepy and exciting to read a chapter, and coincidentally visit the site the very next day.  My point is… I’ll be in Vegas, London and Mombasa in the next couple of weeks and I need a good book that’s set in either one of those places.  Or even a book about the things I’ll be doing (Vegas – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas kind of thing, London – visiting my beautiful grandmother, Mombasa – teaching and building an extension to a primary school). 

Any recommendations? 

No cheesy love stories, shopaholic series, vampire tales or New York bestsellters PAH-LEEZ!

Off to Vegas in an hour…