The Power of Networking

7 06 2009

Last night I was invited to a Congressman’s Ball.  To be honest, I had no idea who the congressman was or why he was having a ball, but the invite said open bar, so you know I was there in a heartbeat!

Turns out the ball was a networking affair, organized by High Society Events (480.232.6799), out of Phoenix, Arizona.  HSE brought together the entrepreneurs of the valley to indulge in delectable  hors d’oeuvres and sip on refreshing Mojito’s (omg, almost too refreshing).  The atmosphere was informal and everybody was extremely friendly and down to earth, making it really easy for Airabin and I to network our butts off!  We met the owner of Rosewood Resorts from Vancouver, an up and coming film director, writer and producer, the vice president of research for a video gaming corporation and (drum roll please) my golden key to even more sources, a networking specialist.  Austin Feldman, from “Who’s Who”, holds an event every Tuesday at Barcelona’s VIP room, for business owners, entrepreneurs, principles,presidents and partners to mix and mingle in a business casual atmosphere.  I’ll be there next Tuesday if you want to join the party!  They have fresh raw oysters on their menu…yummy!

I used this opportunity to talk to absolutely everybody about my project.  I explained that my thesis exhibition would eventually turn into my lifetime career, in which I’d take one developing country at a time and provide them with design services that would contribute to the repression of poverty.  Everyone I spoke to seemed so intrigued.  Now I need to find someone to fund it.  Give me a few years to put an awesome proposal together and I swear you’re going to see me on the front page of every African newspaper. I’m going to be on the Oprah show too…

Speaking of which, my friend James, an awesome graphic designer located in Scottsdale, AZ is going to take some time out of his busy schedule to provide me with a logo for Project World/Project Kenya 2011.  Check him out HERE.



20 05 2009


OK, so the economy is not doing so well!  To some of you, that’s old news, but I’ve been sheltered at Purdue University and haven’t really felt or understood the severity of it. 

It’s my first day at work.  I use to work here two years ago when life was good and I was living the American dream; the place looks familiar and so do the people, except half of them are no longer here and their hours have been cut down to almost half.  The ambiance is very reserved and sombre.  Everyone seems to be holding their breath, waiting to be laid off.   

I feel blessed.  Blessed to be able to have found an internship for the summer.  Blessed to be able to fly to London to visit Grandma.  And blessed to be joining K4K on their annual trip to Mombassa, Kenya in July.

I won’t be doing any research over the summer, so my posts will be sporadic and contain nothing of great importance.  I will, however, try to post on a daily basis while in Kenya (if I have access to the internet).

I hope eveyrone is having a wonderful summer so far.  It’s so bloody hot in Arizona…