18 09 2009

I woke up this morning and realized that my room looked like a Kenyan shrine!  I have a purple Khanga hanging on my wall, a mahogany carved elephant on my armoire, a safari painting on my shelf, and a giraffe bookstands holding my African themed books.

I miss Africa… and so I plugged in my external and browsed though 1000 pictures and a couple hundred videos.  Here are a few that I have FINALLY found the time to upload…  I leave for Ohio tomorrow morning to visit an underground home with my friend and colleague Hillary.  If I’m not too exhausted when I get back, I’ll post some of my most memorable photographs.


A Day in the Slums of Mombasa

15 07 2009

Today we visited the slums of Bangladesh, Mombasa.  We played with the children and kept them occupied as the adults got tested for HIV/AIDS. 


Our friend Jose took us on a tour through the narrow streets of the slum.  We were told that we would find a breathtaking suprise at the end of our tour.


We came across this… A little boy taking a bath outside of his home with just a bucket of water and a sponge in his hand.  He obviously didn’t mind me taking a picture.


We reached the end of our tour and were taken aback by the most beautiful view of the island of Mombasa, right from the slums of Bangladesh.



I absolutely love Kenya.

HIV/AIDS has no Cure

13 07 2009

Today was our first working day at the Child Development Center, a primary school in Kilifi, which is about 45 minutes away from our hotel in Mombasa, Kenya.


We are trying to accomplish two main goals by the end of our three-week volunteer program: construct a dining hall, kitchen and storeroom (that’s one goal) and teach a few classes that are not offered in the student’s primary education cirriculum (like art and first aid).

I was deeply moved by a student’s response to the first assignment I distributed in class.

To get to know the students a little better (and get a feel for their artistic abilities), I asked each one of them to complete the following sentence “When I grow up I want to be a…” followed by a quick sketch of themselves.  Doctors, pilots, teachers and drivers were amongst the most common career choices. 

This is one student’s elaborated response on her career choice:

“When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor, so that I can come and help other people in treatement when they are in troubles.  Or maybe they are sick some suffer from malaria, cholora and HIV/AIDS.  By the way, I will just be helping them with HIV drugs for some days, but HIV/AIDS has no cure.”

What can YOU do to save the world?

8 05 2009

So… I have this theory…

It doesn’t matter what your background is… there is always SOMETHING you can do with your professional skills to make the world a better place…


Like a doctor who donates his time to care for children and mothers infected with HIV… 

Like a journalist who writes about female circumcision in Sudan and Malawi, making the world more aware of the ugly situation…

Like an environmentalist who teaches developing communities how to grow their own food, so they can self-sustain themselves… 


What would you do, with your profession, to help the less fortunate???  Be creative… and remember, every little bit counts :)

The Rescue – Indianapolis

29 04 2009

Here are a few pictures from The Rescue in Indianapolis.  My cousin Dana came to visit (for Grand Prix weekend) and we took the bus down to Indianapolis from West Lafayette on a Saturday morning, right after the breakfast club drunkenness.

It was an unbelievable experience, except I thought it would last till dawn the next day – we were rescued by a representative from Congressman Andre Carson’s office at around 8:30PM.  We had the choice to leave or ride the bus to Chicago, because they weren’t doing  so well at their rescue.  About 500 people showed up – not bad at all!

I got two AWESOME t-shirts out of it… here’s the link to the site if you want to buy one: http://store.invisiblechildren.com/


I was hoping we would take a group picture under the sign... but we didn't :(


Beautiful day (for a sun tan)!


Camping out and waiting for the rescue!


Writing letters to government officials...


Indy is so pretty


The draft version of my letter...


Dana and I... chillin on the grass!


The group picture that I MISSED because I went to buy a blanket to lay on from CVS!!! AUGH!


A Better World by Design

27 04 2009



The link above is the best databse of people who are trying to make our world a better place through design.  Think I’ll ever make it on that list?


Pictures from this weekend’s Rescue in Indianapolis are COMING SOON!

8 days and 12 minutes left…

17 04 2009


9 countries.

100 cities.

One voice.

Abduct yourself to free the abducted.


Click here to find the city nearest you…

Click here for what to pack and expect on the 25th of April…

Click here to watch the video about the child soldiers of Uganda…